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jen madigan

ceo, online business manager

Jen is a lifestyle photographer and business owner with 13+ years of experience in the creative entrepreneur world, with knowledge in a wide range of systems and programs. She loves helping photographers make their business work for them in a more effortless way. Her ability to see the most efficient path to the end result will help guide you toward automation, systems, and more freedom within your business and life. 

Skylar Albritton-Hupy

lite assisting

Skylar's background in the wedding industry has trained her in clear communication and quality customer service making her a natural fit for any team! Skylar supports our clients with her stellar organizational skills, eye for details, and knack for workflows. 

christina irvin

lite assisting / ala carte podcast editing

Christina’s experience as a creative entrepreneur and business owner gives her advantageous insight into the world of virtual assisting. She has a genuine passion for supporting individuals so they can do more work they love. Christina supports our clients with content creation, social media scheduling and will enthusiastically edit any podcast. 

charity miller

lite assisting

Charity's vast experience with customer service, as well as her intuitive nature make her a huge asset to any team! She is the main point of contact for our lite assisting clients, and also offers full assisting. Charity amazes everyone with her beautiful PDFs, eye for detail, and organizational skills.

meet the team

real talk

We know outsourcing can be scary, but hear me out!

If you've got big goals for your business but find yourself

...spending large chunks of time doing "busy work"
...procrastinating large projects because you don't have "time"
...staying small even though you have big dreams

We can help!

Whether you're a photographer who runs multiple facets of business (coaching, associate programs, etc) or just starting to outsource, we offer several different ways to work with our team!

ready for some freedom with your time?

If you're nodding along with everything I'm saying, I'd love for you to reach out so we can chat more about your specific needs. We offer a complimentary 15 minute discovery call to figure out if virtual assistant services would benefit you and your business! Plus, business is way more fun with a team - just sayin'.

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client reviews

"Jen’s role in my business feels way less like an assistant and way more like a partnership. She understands my business and my clients and really helps me serve my clients in a deeper way. We’ve been working together for years now and every time I throw something new at her, she learns it quickly and finds new ways to provide value for my business."


client reviews

“Jen was an absolute dream to work with - she came highly recommended to me at a point where I wanted to take my business to the next level. Her knowledge on working with the back end of creative businesses is game changing and her proactive ability to find solutions to any problem was transformative for my business.” 


client reviews

"Jen has incredible insight on how to create and implement the systems that creatives need to actually thrive and grow their businesses and not just survive from project to project."


client reviews

"Looking back on the past year, and you guys were one of the best decisions of the year by far!"

Mary Catherine

client reviews

"Jen helped me design and transfer over my website from one platform to another seamlessly. She was extremely quick, efficient and answered all of my questions and even sent videos and screen grabs so I would know how to change things myself in the future! One thing I was worried about was my SEO and how it would be effected long-term. Happy to report she also did a great job on the back-end and my SEO has never been better!" 


client reviews

"Thank you so much for the help. I honestly can't believe how amazing it's already been after just one week. I love how efficient you are and the initiative. THANK YOU!"


we'd love to hear all about your business and how we can help!

ready to chat?

Depending on your needs, we offer a variety of options to assist photographers in multiple capacities.

Our full assisting packages caters to the business owner who has outsourced in some capacity before or is ready to dive in headfirst to move their business forward at a faster pace. 

Need a little less day to day support, or are outsourcing for the first time? Our lite packages are perfect for the photographer just starting to outsource tasks on a weekly basis. We also have a couple Pinterest or Podcast editing specific packages!

If you're more the DIY type and want to know where to get started, our Outsourcing Intensives might be perfect for you! We'll spend a day outlining workflows and ways you can streamline your business and an action plan to get you on the right path, as well as implement up to a 10 step workflow for you along with a Loom instructional video to get you started!

Pricing for our lite package starts at $775-1150 depending on the team member, podcast packages start at $350.

let's get started!

our mission

As a small female owned business, we strive to assist other female, female identifying, trans, or non-binary individuals find more freedom within their business. We seek to empower creatives of all races, religions, sexual orientations, physical abilities, or ethnicities, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we believe inclusion helps us all better connect, belong, and grow.

We believe black lives matter, trans lives matter, and inclusivity within our business and community are important. All are welcome here.

contact us

We'd love to hear from you! You can reach us via the contact form or via email at

Our business hours are 9-3 CST Monday - Thursday.

We will be in touch shortly. Meanwhile, feel free to browse our Instagram feed. via the link below.


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