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Enjoy some of our go-to business resources, discount codes, and favorite things to help you in your journey. Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission if you love something as much as I do... but I only recommend what I actually like or use myself!

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15+ helpful tasks a VA can do to save you time and money

From Procrastinator to Productive AF - FREE productivity guide

Tips for Repurposing Content

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If you want a “Do all” program (leads, contracts, workflows, invoicing) to streamline your business, this is for you! Click the link below or use the code "jenmadigan" to save 20%!

My emails have never looked better. Flodesk is an easy, intuitive way to keep your email list in the loop! Save 50% off when you use the code "jmadigan" or the link below!

Social Squares

Need high quality stock photography for your social media, newsletter, or website? Look no further - this site is by far my favorite with the best photo selection that's updated regularly!

Repurposing Content Mini Course

This mini course will inspire and instruct you on how to take one piece of content and re-use it across multiple platforms, expanding your reach while minimizing your effort.

business book recommendations

I read this one every year - such a good book about why we hold ourselves back!

An amazing book on how to use stories to connect with clients and build your brand.

Loved this book and the author's approach to building habits in our daily lives.

A real life journey discovering how some of the world's most successful people got where they are today.

A four step formula to use technology in a more moderate, healthy way.

How to work smarter, not harder by reducing your work day hours.

How to embrace your creativity and wonderful insights about inspiration.

Get past money blocks with Jen Sincero's wit and wisdom.

client reviews

"Jen’s role in my business feels way less like an assistant and way more like a partnership. She understands my business and my clients and really helps me serve my clients in a deeper way. We’ve been working together for years now and every time I throw something new at her, she learns it quickly and finds new ways to provide value for my business."


client reviews

“Jen was an absolute dream to work with - she came highly recommended to me at a point where I wanted to take my business to the next level. Her knowledge on working with the back end of creative businesses is game changing and her proactive ability to find solutions to any problem was transformative for my business.” 


client reviews

"Jen has incredible insight on how to create and implement the systems that creatives need to actually thrive and grow their businesses and not just survive from project to project."


client reviews

"Looking back on the past year, and you guys were one of the best decisions of the year by far!"

Mary Catherine

client reviews

"Jen helped me design and transfer over my website from one platform to another seamlessly. She was extremely quick, efficient and answered all of my questions and even sent videos and screen grabs so I would know how to change things myself in the future! One thing I was worried about was my SEO and how it would be effected long-term. Happy to report she also did a great job on the back-end and my SEO has never been better!" 


client reviews

"Thank you so much for the help. I honestly can't believe how amazing it's already been after just one week. I love how efficient you are and the initiative. THANK YOU!"


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how to sell as a creative

I know the sales process can sometimes be a scary or awkward part of running a business, even though it is such an important step! That’s why I sat down with sales expert Andrew Harshey to have him share with us the DOs & DONT's of sales for creatives.

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