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Helping creative entrepreneurs to find more freedom, joy, and time within their business through systems, automation, and outsourcing!


Are you hoping to expand your business revenue and looking for the best ecommerce web platform? Perhaps you are wanting to reel in some passive income by selling some of your expertise through a course, eBook, or other download? If so, you are in good company with many of our creative business clients!  But creating […]

Best Ecommerce Web Platform

Ok hear me out! If you struggle with the thought of outsourcing, think of it like you do technology… ⁠⁠There are always going to be people who don’t want the newest phone with all the bells and whistles, the improved camera, or the fastest network. Some people are totally fine with the RAZR phone they […]

Can I tell you a secret? Outsourcing is not a magic bullet. 🚅⁠⁠ Is it pretty amazing? YES! But it won’t bring you 10k more followers or $100k more in revenue each year just by hiring someone to help you. What it DOES guarantee is that you have more TIME.⁠⁠ What you do with that […]

Outsourcing and the gift of time

A VERY common question I get asked is… “How does outsourcing make me MORE money? It feels like I’m spending money instead. 🤑”⁠ And I totally get it, it feels counterintuitive to most people! There are so many ways outsourcing (whether thru a person or automated system) can make you more money and here are […]

Hey friends, welcome! If you’re new here, I’m Jen and my friends call me the “Outsource Queen”. 👑 A little about me – I’m a photographer by trade (11+ years in business), but a move and a pandemic forced a pivot into virtual assisting which turned out to be a huge blessing. I’ve turned something […]

A lot of creatives I work with would love to outsource or expand their team. But, understandably, they often have fears and concerns that hold them back. One of the top concerns voiced to me is the fear that “If I don’t do the work myself, how do I know it is being done to […]

Outsourcing Tips | Jen Madigan Creative

As a business owner, it can be hard to set boundaries for your work schedule. Especially when you work from home. I have definitely been guilty of being so focused on a project that I couldn’t mentally “clock out” for the day. Even though I always have time flexibility working from home, setting precise work […]

Work Life Balance for Creative Entrepreneurs | Jen Madigan Creative

Let’s face it: running your own business can be overwhelming! You’re a business owner wearing many hats with a ton on your plate, trying to do it all. I bet you would love to have the freedom of being able to step away from it all to have a life outside of work without anything […]

15 plus tasks a virtual assistant can do | Jen Madigan Creative

If you’re a creative entrepreneur and you work from home, how much of your day goes by before you realize you haven’t gotten a thing done?⁣⁣⁠ Are you easily distracted by all the things?⁣⁣⁠ Do you tend to feel overwhelmed by your looming to-do list? If any of these sound like you, you’re not alone.  […]

Procrastinator to Productive | Jen Madigan

So you’re ready to start a podcast, but don’t know where to begin? Here arer 5 tips to start a podcast without strerss! #1 – It seems pretty straightforward, but decide on a topic you’d like your podcast to (mostly) be about and then consider a name. Start a list of ideas and then do […]

5 TIps to Start a Podcast | Jen Madigan Creative