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15+ Helpful Tasks A Virtual Assistant Can Do To Save You Time And Money!

Let’s face it: running your own business can be overwhelming! You’re a business owner wearing many hats with a ton on your plate, trying to do it all. I bet you would love to have the freedom of being able to step away from it all to have a life outside of work without anything falling through the cracks, right?  We all reach a place in your business when we know we are ready for some support!

If you know you want to outsource, but aren’t sure where to start, here are just some of the tasks my team and I can do to help your businesses thrive!


How many potential sales have you lost by not marketing yourself? If you find that day to day tasks of keeping your business running are keeping you from investing in growth, hire a team that can implement a good marketing strategy for you to keep your business growing and bringing in new clients!


Is invoicing draining too much time from your schedule? Turn your least favorite task into a quick and efficient process! Wouldn’t it be nice if your invoices seemed to magically send themselves to clients or even better, collected those late payments?

Research and Data Entry

Have a dream project, but don’t have all of the information needed to begin? Send your VA on a research task and watch them come back with the answers you need! Watch those unorganized and unusable piles of information be magically transformed into useful data. Client email lists, anyone?

Client Management

Never let a new lead fall through the cracks again! Communication and efficiency are some of the most important elements in your client relationship. From your first impression to your last follow up, make sure your clients are always in the right next step at the right time. 

Social Media Management

It’s 2021, which means if you aren’t batch posting and planning out your social media, you are wasting time, potential clients, and $$$. Social media is one of the most successful forms of marketing today, but it can be a total time suck if you aren’t efficiently managing it. Ever waste time choosing photos to go with captions? What about scrambling last minute to throw together a post when you discover it’s an “Instagram holiday”? Or maybe you’ve written out a post and then second guessed it so much that you don’t post it? Wonder about how and when should you engage? For these, and so many other reasons, batch scheduling out our clients’ Instagrams is one of our most popular requests!

Instagram Graphics

Spice up that feed with some on brand graphics! I am positive someone else’s eye-catching Instagram posts have caught your attention before. Perhaps they even made it into your saves, or you shared them in your stories. What if YOU were the one with the cool graphic posts that everyone noticed and shared? 

Inbox Management And Organization 

Stay on top of your online communication without having to stay glued to your inbox. Want to only spend a few minutes a day on the most important emails and not have to waste time sorting through to find them? Done. Inbox already organized and decluttered? Breathe a sigh of relief. Going on vacation and don’t want to stress out about what isn’t being responded to right now? Well, order yourself another margarita and don’t even think about work, you’ve got a VA to handle that!

Affiliate Services

Ever wonder how influencers really make a living? Affiliate links, baby. What if you earned money every. single. time. someone purchased a product you mentioned? If you recommend whatever you are wearing right now, a service you use for your business, or even that cute new comforter you just brought home from Target, you are losing potential money without affiliate links. You don’t have to have influencer follower numbers- a little extra money in the bank (for free!) is always a perk. Especially when you have your VA setting it all up for you!

Formatting Course Slides (Including Adding Recorded Audio) And Workbooks

There are a lot of factors that determine how much money you can make from offering a course. One of the best ways to guarantee a bigger payout? Offering a course with added value that leaves your students feeling satisfied they got plenty of bang for their buck. We all know a good teacher doesn’t just throw a lesson to their students and tell them to teach themselves. A great teacher will ensure their class has a system in place to help their students succeed that is both helpful and professional. These systems help turn a good course into a great course that wows your students!

Researching Best Hashtags 

Did you know that when they say “bigger isn’t always better,” they were talking about hashtags? Ok, maybe not. But they might as well, because a popular hashtag myth is that the “bigger” the number of shares a hashtag has, the more views it will get you. This is just one of the helpful tips our team learned after they took a hashtag strategy course. And now we are certified to research and find the BEST hashtags for your business to bring in your ideal audience. 


I’m going to tell you that your business has untapped potential…make that unpinned potential. Most business owners understand the importance of posting to social media platforms often. After all, your Instagram posts only have a lifespan of about a day before they get drowned in the feed, never to be seen again. But what if your posts were getting views and shares months, even years later? Meet your immortal Pinterest pins. And with a VA to turn your blog posts, photos, educational offerings, opt-ins, podcasts, and videos into eye-catching pins, you are expanding your audience- once pin at a time. 

Newsletter Management

Newsletters are such a great form of marketing for your business. Educate, inform, & promote your business to the clients who are already interested in what you have to say! And they don’t even have to log in a website to hear it- their phone notifies them when you send all this info straight to their inbox. If the tediousness of formatting and scheduling out the endless cycle of newsletter emails is keeping you from successfully running one (you already know what I’m going to say by now), hire a VA! 

Podcast Editing

Podcasts are so much fun to listen to and create! Connecting with different guest speakers and listeners, getting to explore new topics, and sharing a little bit of you and your personality to your clients. You know what’s not fun though? Spending your precious time editing and uploading episodes. Hire someone to do it for you so you can focus on creating fun, fresh content! 

Website Design & Management

Whether you are due for a new site or would love someone to just help with maintenance, we’ve got you covered! Our team can give your website an updated, professional refresh and boost your web presence in a way that will wow anyone who Googles your business. 

Sales Consultation

What is it about sales? (Jerry Seinfeld voice) Pretty much every business owner has to do them, so why do they feel so uncomfortable or difficult at times? There is an answer: it’s not you, it’s your sales process. Use your Jen Madigan Creative hours to consult with our resident sales coach! Andrew uses his years of sales experience to help you find what part of your process is holding you back from increasing those numbers in a way that doesn’t feel spammy. Stop viewing sales calls and conversations as a necessary evil and start discovering their exciting potential!

BONUS: Is this speaking to your soul right now? Get Andrew’s FREE (you don’t even have to be our client!) guide on how to make sales without being salesy HERE!

CRM Workflow Implementation 

We have experience using several different CRM softwares for our clients. There is so much untapped potential in these time-saving miracle workers just waiting for you! That’s why we set-up and streamline CRM business workflows to transform your client management into an effortless process.

Streamlining the Album Process and Album Design

After 11+ years in the photo industry, Jen has a system down that streamlines the sometimes tedious album design process, making it pain free for you AND your clients. Not only will Jen communicate and walk your clients through the process, but this workflow plus the design services (we use Smart Albums) will have the album in your clients’ hands in no time (with no more endless back and forth re-designs!).

Blog and Portfolio Image Selection

Photographer friends: have you ever just got done with an absolutely killer shoot that you are so excited about? You just can’t wait to upload those photos and show them off! But sometime after the shoot and editing the images, you realize all those beautiful images are still just sitting on a hard drive, hidden away from potential clients who are waiting to discover you. Our team members have the experienced eyes to select the very best of your images, resize them if needed, and draft them in a blog post for you to publish. Nothing takes the overwhelm out of a project like the words “already done!”

Do you love the idea of accomplishing some or all of these tasks for your business? Having a team behind you that supports you and can quickly cross those goals off your list isn’t just a smart business move, but it’s also more fun! Don’t let your goals remain dreams instead of reality by trying to juggle it all yourself. Send me a message and let’s chat!

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