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Find Your Work/Life Balance While Boosting Productivity

As a business owner, it can be hard to set boundaries for your work schedule. Especially when you work from home. I have definitely been guilty of being so focused on a project that I couldn’t mentally “clock out” for the day. Even though I always have time flexibility working from home, setting precise work hours for myself has helped my efficiency and work/life harmony. At the end of my work day I also like to take Luna on an afternoon walk to help clear my mind and get me moving. ⁠

Some more ideas on boundaries to set to make your work and life feel more balanced:

Set working hours, and build a routine around them. Utilize different senses to set the tone for “work” vs. play. For some it might be lighting a candle when they start their work day, getting dressed (or getting into comfy clothes at the end of the work day).

Designated office space (check out this episode of 100% Creative with tips from an interior designer on how to create an inspiring home office space!)

Setting boundaries with your family-they know not to disturb you during work hours, setting up childcare if needed and able to, etc.

Prioritizing your health. Take a real lunch break and cook yourself a healthy meal! Make it a ritual, and don’t eat it in front of your laptop!

Don’t give in to distractions. Not letting yourself get distracted by home surroundings like a basket of laundry. Remind yourself that if you were working outside the home, you couldn’t see the laundry. 

Pomodoro Technique – set a timer for 20 minutes to work on one task, and then take a 5 minute break. Repeat this three times and then take a longer break!

Don’t let work rule your day! Your home is your place of sanctuary- keep it that way. At the end of the day shut that laptop, pour yourself a glass of wine, do some yoga stretches – whatever it takes to start relaxing! 

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