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Don’t Outsource Without Doing This First…

A lot of creatives I work with would love to outsource or expand their team. But, understandably, they often have fears and concerns that hold them back. One of the top concerns voiced to me is the fear that “If I don’t do the work myself, how do I know it is being done to my standards?” Outsourcing some of your workload does mean having someone else do that work for you. But that does not mean:⁠

✖️ loss of control⁠

✖️ loss of quality⁠

✖️ loss of “ownership” ⁠

⁠How can you feel 100% confident of this? Communication. ⁠

For example, with my photography business I outsource my photo editing. I communicated my editing style to the photo editors and when I receive the photos I look over them, make any small adjustments I like, and make sure they meet my standards before sending them out to my clients. I am still in complete control of the process, my clients still receive high-quality images, and I am still the creator and owner of my product. Outsourcing my photo editing is a streamlined process that saves me time (and helps my client get their photos faster!) and it is in part thanks to great communication.⁠ 🗣️⁠

It is always important to let your team members know your expectations and state them clearly. You need to understand that your assistant or employees are not mind readers and good communication is key to getting things done the way you prefer. Boundaries are important as well, and communicating them to your team is crucial! If you have concerns about protecting the copyrights of your work, a contract is always a safe way to start any working partnership to protect both parties. ⁠

Pro Tip #1: Work with a coach before you start outsourcing, they will help coach you through the process of releasing some of the items on your to-do list (SO much of this is mindset!)

Pro Tip #2: If you think you want to outsource someday (and, ahem, you should..), starting writing down or using Loom to record your standard operating procedures (SOP) which makes the training process much more simplified and streamlined! Just record yourself doing the inquiry process, designing an album, etc and talk through it as you go. Don’t forget to label the Loom video with the task/details and you’re on your way to building a training library for your future virtual assistant!

Like any healthy relationship, good communication is key. A little communication can help you grow your business and outsource those difficult tasks.⁠

Do you agree? Have you always wanted to outsource, but aren’t sure if it is a good fit for you or your business? Ask away with all of your outsourcing questions over on my Instagram @jenmadigancreative!

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