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Helping creative entrepreneurs to find more freedom, joy, and time within their business through systems, automation, and outsourcing!


Meet Jen Madigan: Virtual Assistant And Outsource Queen

Hey friends, welcome! If you’re new here, I’m Jen and my friends call me the “Outsource Queen”. 👑

A little about me – I’m a photographer by trade (11+ years in business), but a move and a pandemic forced a pivot into virtual assisting which turned out to be a huge blessing. I’ve turned something friends and fellow creatives have asked me for assistance with for years into a business, and I couldn’t be happier!

My favorite part about being a virtual assistant is helping creative entrepreneurs find their own path to more freedom, time, and joy. We create the businesses – they should work for us not against us, am I right?

My brain is always seeking the clearest path to the finish line (while still maintaining quality) in every aspect of my life (is my enneagram 1 showing? 🥴), and clients have often complimented me on how efficient I am. I love using my efficiency “superpower” to help other business owners reach their goals.

This Midwest girl also loves travel, dogs, Diet Coke, Justin Timberlake, and listening to more murder podcasts than is probably healthy.

Connect with me over on Instagram @jenmadigancreative and tell me about yourself! I would love to hear what your biggest, most ambitious dream is that you have for you and your business!

Photo credit: Jennifer Mejia

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