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4 More Ways Outsourcing Tasks Can Make You $$ As A Creative Entrepreneur

A VERY common question I get asked is…

“How does outsourcing make me MORE money? It feels like I’m spending money instead. 🤑”⁠

And I totally get it, it feels counterintuitive to most people!

There are so many ways outsourcing (whether thru a person or automated system) can make you more money and here are just a few of them:⁠

#1. If you aren’t selling something because you dread doing it (albums I’m looking at you), hire someone to send out the sales emails and walk your clients thru the design process. More sales = more $$!⁠

#2. You stop wasting precious time going back and forth scheduling people and automate or outsource it, freeing you up to create your next big offer, take on more photo shoots/clients, or focusing your energy on networking to bring in more clients!⁠

#3. Outsourcing your editing means you can take on more shoots and make more 💰.⁠ Plus, if editing is something you dread, or it takes you a really long time to do, your clients will be happier because they’ll get their images back faster. Happy clients = more referrals = more bookings (and subsequent income) for you!

#4. You book more when someone is doing calls or responding on your behalf (especially if this is a block for you and your inbox is a place where inquiries go to die)!⁠ If you aren’t responding to inquiries quickly, you may be missing out on some clients! Especially now, responding within 24 hours or less can be a sign you’re interested and a client wants to feel seen and valued from the start.

What are some areas you could start outsourcing? What’s holding you back from doing so?⁠

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