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Why Monthly Newsletters Are Essential for Creative Entrepreneurs

Have you ever had a mild panic attack every time Instagram goes down? Immediately checking in with [insert creative friend/forum/group here] – “hey, is your Instagram being weird, or is it just me? Lol.” (but not really laughing because, your heart just dropped into your butt).

If that sounds familiar, let’s dive into the topic that always seems to pop up on everyone’s stories after that Instagram outage or potential TikTok ban – EMAIL LISTS, and why you should be sending a monthly newsletter. 

You may already know most of these, but let’s revisit the 5 reasons why you should be sending a monthly newsletter, and then we’ll get into HOW to do it in a way that feels easy and doable to create a routine around. Oh, and that pesky question that plagues us all… “but what do I talk about?! I have different audiences! My wedding clients don’t want to hear about my family sessions”….cue existential spiral into complete freeze mode, amiright?

First things first – 

5 reasons WHY you should be sending out a monthly newsletter to your email list:

1. Stay Top of Mind:  Consistent communication ensures that clients (and potential clients) remember your brand when they’re ready to make a purchase or need your services.

2. Build and Nurture Relationships: Regular communication via newsletters provides an opportunity to connect with your audience on a more personal level, which helps to strengthen your relationship with them. 

3. Drives Traffic to Your Website: Including links to your website, blog posts, or promotions in your newsletter can drive traffic directly to your site, which helps to increase engagement and can also lead to conversions and sales.

4. Showcase Products or Services: By sharing more + highlighting what you have to offer, you can generate interest and encourage your readers to explore further or make a purchase.

5. Establish Authority and Expertise: Sharing valuable insights, tips, or industry news in your newsletter can position your business as an authority in your field. This helps build trust and establishes your credibility, making them more likely to turn to you when they need the type of services or product that you offer.

You may be asking yourself “But WHO am I talking to?! What do I say?!”

One of the biggest barriers we find clients have when it comes to sending out a regular newsletter is that they serve multiple types of clients/audiences. Maybe they’re a wedding photographer but also photograph maternity, or a family photographer that also does coaching. 

If you struggle and get stuck with this very question, ultimately doing nothing instead, I’d love to invite you to simply change the way you see your newsletter.

Instead of a way to pitch, or sell your services/new offer/mini session event/course – think of it as a way to update and connect with your audience as not just a photographer or business owner but a PERSON. Your newsletter should be filled with things your audience finds relevant, but consider that you might have things in common with your audience besides the obvious. 

Here’s example of a newsletter layout we would suggest to a combination wedding and maternity photographer:

Intro paragraph: Share something you’ve been up to recently. Did you travel? Explore your city and find a new restaurant you loved? When we are pulling this paragraph for clients, we often look to their instagram to pull text for this update. Get creative – what do you do BESIDES work? Do you have a funny story you could share? Something you thought of on your daily walk that inspired you to take up a new hobby? Get personal, this is an opportunity for a client to get to know you on a deeper level.

Section 1: Share a few tips relating to what you do here – for a wedding + maternity photographer it might be my 3 favorite white dresses for a spring engagement or maternity session (link 3 of each). Or maybe it’s my favorite photo locations in May with some photos and a little description of why you love it. You could highlight some local vendors/shops that cater to your audience – it’s ok to have both wedding related vendors AND maternity vendors – think outside of the box! Maybe you share a florist that does amazing wedding florals, but also could create sweet tablescapes for a baby shower. Last idea – date night spots in your area – both engaged couples and couples with babies/expecting babies go out to eat/have date night right?! 

Section 3:  Some social proof or relevant content – link a podcast if you’ve been on one recently, share if you had a feature you’re proud of. Maybe link a blog post you’ve created that might be relevant to your audience(s) – a wedding checklist blog + tips to planning your maternity session in studio.

Section 4: Things you’re loving – did you read a great book lately? Find an amazing pizza recipe? Come across the most flattering swimsuit known to man? Share it here!

Wrap Up – Thank people for being a part of your list, encourage them to reply if they resonated with something or take you up on a recommendation. 

Don’t forget a power P.S. – this is where you can invite them to work with you or download your presets, or whatever it is that you might have as an offer right now. This goes under your signature and includes some kind of call to action.

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If you need help setting up and getting your newsletter template up and running, contact us to chat more about how we can help!

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