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3 Ways Outsourcing Can Make You $$

Outsourcing tips for Creative Entreprenuers

I know you’ve heard it a million times but you may still be asking yourself “but HOW does outsourcing make me more $$?” This post will share 3 ways you can use a virtual assistant to help grow your income!

#1. Follow up with inquiries. 

Life is busy. You’re running a photography business, maybe you’re a parent, or maybe you just don’t like spending your life chained to your computer. I get it. Chances are, you reply to those inquiries that land in your inbox (hopefully within 24-48 hours, but if not, a virtual assistant can do that too!) but when you don’t hear back are you following up with those leads? 

In traditional “sales” studies have shown that 50% of sales happen after 5 follow ups, but most sales people give up after 1 (source). As creatives, 5 follow ups feel a little intense, but I’m a firm believer that if you aren’t doing even ONE follow up, you’re probably losing business.

#2. Send pitches to existing clients.

Do you have offerings that you only share about intermittently on social media? Maybe send out an email once or twice a year? If you have a course you’ve created or are dropping some new mini sessions this spring, a virtual assistant can reach out to past clients to see if they are interested in your offerings!

#3. Finally get that course up and running.

You know, the course you’ve had in your head for months (maybe years) but have procrastinated it because you’re stuck under a mountain of editing? A good virtual assistant can take a simple google doc with your course material and turn it into PDF’s, worksheets, and/or slides faster than you can say Kajabi. Need some marketing magic? Ask your VA to help with setting up your Flodesk freebies, emails, and social media graphics/posts for the launch.

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