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What Should I Outsource?

One of the biggest struggles I hear with outsourcing is “what do I outsource?“⁠
My #1 tip is think about what you procrastinate! What tasks do you block the flow of because you think you’ll get to it eventually? What do you consistently spend more time avoiding than actually doing? That’s always the first place to start.⁠

Do you struggle with consistently sending emails to your list? Updating your website? Creating that course you’ve been dreaming up? Outsource that shit!⁠

Second, make a list of all the ways income comes into your business. When hiring someone, return on investment is a factor to take into consideration – so if you don’t get leads through Instagram, paying someone to do your social media MAY or MAY NOT be the best, most strategic plan. With that being said, if you hire a virtual assistant and they start spending time on your instagram (that you had neglected), you may start seeing leads coming through where you didn’t before. So, I usually recommend giving any new tasks you delegate to your assistant some time and see if income starts flowing in that area before making adjustments!

Don’t forget that stress reduction, more time to spend with your family, and peace of mind that your business can work while you take a break also has value, so don’t discount that when considering what to outsource.

Another tip is look at the things that take a LOT of time but don’t require you personally to do them! Some examples are – podcast editing, photo editing, uploading galleries for clients, setting up meetings with clients. Those are all tasks you could easily outsource and free up some valuable time in your day.
All of this to say, there are a TON of freelancers out there who love or specialize in doing the things you hate. In other words, get out of your own way already!
P.S. Outsourcing doesn’t have to mean paying someone a full time salary – most freelance virtual assistants or experts in the tasks you need help with aren’t relying on you to provide them a full time income. Often they have multiple clients they work for so there are typically options for you depending on your budget!⁠ Have questions about what it’s like to work with me or my team? Let’s chat!

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