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How to Make Videos with Captions

With everyone watching videos on the go, you may want to know how to make videos with captions so that your content can be accessible to people who may be hard of hearing, have auditory processing disorders, or even just people who need to keep their phones on silent for various reasons. This is VERY easy to do on Instagram and lots of platforms have the option to add in closed captioning to your videos, but today we are going to be showing you how to do it on our preferred platform – Zubtitle!

I created this little video to show you how easy it is to upload, allow Zubtitle to transcribe your audio, and edit the audio as needed to correct any spelling or grammatical errors (and let’s be honest, the little transcription robots sometimes just don’t get it right at all and the text needs adjustments). This is SO SO easy to do within Zubtitle and then you just choose the style for your captions, add in a logo, a progress bar – all within a few clicks.

How to Make Videos with Captions in Zubtitle:

If you want to try out Zubtitle, it’s $19/month for the Guru level (20 min long uploads) and you get 10 videos per month. Only need 1 minute uploads for super short video clips? That’s just $9/month.

You can use the code IVC960 to get 50% off your first month making it even more affordable at $9.50. What I also love about Zubtitle is the ability to rollover up to 20 unused video credits, which is great if you batch work and want to save up your videos for a video content heavy month.

This is just one thing you could outsource to a virtual assistant as well – read more tips on what you should outsource HERE!

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