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Tips for Content Repurposing

Tips for Content Repurposing

Today I’m going to share some of our tips for content repurposing!

So many of the creatives I work with are wondering how they can work smarter, not harder when it comes to putting out content in this fast moving world.

My top tip for reducing stress in this area is totally something you can outsource to your virtual assistant and it should only take them an hour or two to complete (depending on the depth of your content well)!

Go back through old Instagram posts, blog posts, emails, podcast interviews, launches, challenges, etc and REPURPOSE that content!

More tips for repurposing content:

  • Take long Instagram captions and create blog posts, reels, carousel posts on instagram or emails to your list!

  • Giving free advice on your Instagram posts or on your blog? Take that content and make it into a freebie or low cost PDF and use it as a lead magnet for your email list or to create some passive income!

  • Do you have a podcast where you regularly discuss “how to” do something in business? Make it into a blog post or PDF to build your list!

  • Have a great blog post? Create a Pinterest graphic and post to direct people to that information so you can reach more eyes in your industry.

I regularly do this for my own content (sometimes it needs a bit of tweaking, but often you can use it as is in a new way!) and help my clients do the same.

Do you already have a system for this type of repurposing? If not, I have a mini course that shares our method for repurposing and gives you the tools to do it yourself for just $12 – click HERE to purchase!

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