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Best Ecommerce Web Platform

Best Ecommerce Web Platform

Are you hoping to expand your business revenue and looking for the best ecommerce web platform? Perhaps you are wanting to reel in some passive income by selling some of your expertise through a course, eBook, or other download? If so, you are in good company with many of our creative business clients! 

But creating your product is just the first stage. Now you have to decide how to get your product on the market to get that money in your pocket! That’s why we have compiled some great shop options that integrate with your existing website- whether it is designed by Showit or Squarespace. There are a lot of choices, so read our comparison to see which one is the right fit for you and your business!

Best ecommerce web platforms:

To Sell Your Downloads

Most Budget-Friendly For Small Starters’ Digital Products:

Price: Free for under 500 page views a month

Payment Method: Paypal or Stripe

Trial: Free for first 500 views

Best For: Digital downloads is technically a suite of over 30 simple apps and plug-ins for your website which includes a “buy now” button. This basic service is essentially a Paypal or Stripe button that will send an automated email after purchase. You must host your product externally, such as through Showit itself or Dropbox, and then include the link to your product in the automated email. Powr has a unique pricing strategy that is based upon the number of page views that your page with the payment button receives per month. If you receive under 500 views a month, it’s free! The next level up is $7.99/mo for up to 2,500 page views a month. You can use a service like Google Analytics to track your page views to see which pricing bracket you qualify for.

Best Value: E-junkie

Price: Starts at $5/mo 

Payment Method: Paypal, Stripe, Braintree, and more

Trial: Free for 30 days

Best For: Digital downloads and physical products

For only $5 month, E-Junkie packs a powerful punch of features. The basic plan includes 200 MB of storage for up to 10 products and then packages increase from there. This includes a customizable shopping cart with the capability to run special sales or use gift cards as well. There is also the option to digitally stamp your digital products with the buyer’s information to help prevent them from re-selling it. And another great theft prevention: E-junkie verifies each sale with user specific download links that expire after a limited use. Read about their other benefits including inventory management and shipping integration for non-digital products here.

Best For Social Media: Shopify Lite

Price: $9/month 

Payment Method: Credit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and Cryptocurrencies 

Trial: Free for 14 days

Best For: Digital downloads and physical products

Shopify Lite is one of the most popular options and it is easy to see why. Unlike regular Shopify, the Lite version allows you to add sell buttons to your existing site without having to create a completely separate store. Not only do you have a fully customizable online cart for your site that allows discount codes and gift cards, but Shopify also has a great app for selling products in person via your Apple or Android devices. And if you ever take orders over the phone or create custom invoices, that same software can handle all of those needs as well. But perhaps one of the most attractive features is for those with a sizable social media following. Shopify integrates with your Facebook and Instagram pages (upgrading to the basic version integrates with Pinterest), allowing customers to buy your products without having to ever leave the social platforms. Shopify Lite also integrates with other free apps to add even more features and, to top it off, they are also known for their great 24/7 customer support. 

To Sell Your Online Courses

All-In-One Marketing: Kajabi

Price: $119/month 

Payment Method: Paypal and Stripe

Trial: Free 14 day trial 

Best For: Online Courses

Kajabi is the most expensive of the two popular course-hosting programs we are comparing here, but they have the marketing and sales benefits to show for it. While both Thinkific and Kajabi offer the ability to create custom websites, Kajabi’s design capabilities are a little more extensive. And if you are looking for an all encompassing platform to create a course and market it via blogging, sales funnels, and marketing emails, you will find all of that here. Other notable features that set Kajabi apart is having a mobile app and excellent 24/7 support. 

For Already Established Marketing Pros : Thinkific

Price: Basic package starts at $39/month 

Payment Method: Paypal and Stripe

Trial: Free 30 day trail or first 3 courses free

Best For: Online Courses

If you already have your marketing systems in place, Thinkific might be the perfect fit for you! I’m looking at all of you who already have services like Flodesk, WordPress, or Leadpages and don’t . At a noticeably large price difference, Thinkific has many similar features to Kajabi. However, instead of forcing you to shell out more money as your empire expands, all paid plans include unlimited courses and students. Everything you need for teaching your students through PDFs, videos, and quizzes are all easy to set up through Thinkific.

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