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Tips for Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Tips for Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Everyone wants to know the best tips for hiring a virtual assistant, but I believe there are some key questions you can ask yourself to know if it’s the right time for you!

I always suggest running through this quick list of questions before hiring a virtual assistant to make sure that it’s the right time/fit for you and your business.

❓ Do I have a steady client load but I’m so busy I can’t keep up (aka my client experience is less than ideal)?⁠

❓ Am I going through a big life change (maternity leave, medical leave) or taking a sabbatical from my business in the near future (and want my business to continue to work for me)?⁠

❓ Am I starting a new branch of my business (coaching, education, etc) that I need help building out and maintaining?⁠

❓ Are any of the following areas of my business/life suffering: client experience/communication, mental or physical health, and/or personal relationships due to how busy I am?⁠

If you said YES to any of the above questions, I would recommend looking into hiring a virtual assistant to help take some administrative tasks off your plate and lighten your workload!⁠

Typically I DO NOT recommend hiring a VA if you are:⁠

❗Struggling to meet revenue goals/bring in clients. I would highly suggest investing money in a coach prior to hiring a VA if this is true for you!⁠

More Tips for Hiring a Virtual Assistant:

Always be very clear on what you’re looking for in a virtual assistant, as the services they offer can vary from person to person! ⁠

Some virtual assistants have a broad range of services, but often will recommend specialized service providers for the following:⁠

Social Media Management + Content Creation⁠
Website Design⁠
Photo, Video, or Podcast Editing⁠

It’s always worth an ask to see what the virtual assistant you are inquiring with offers as part of their service packages.

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