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5 Reasons Why We Love Showit

Are you thinking of switching to Showit? Wondering what the benefits are and why you should make the move? We’ve listed out our top 5 reasons we think all creatives should make the leap!

We’ve been using Showit for years and almost exclusively recommend it to our clients who are looking at switching to a more user friendly, customizable, and easy to update platform. Not to mention the GORGEOUS templates making it even more of a breeze (keep reading for a discount code for our personal favorite Tonic Site Shop).

Number ONE: It’s SUPER Customizable

Have you ever wished you could make that one element just sit a little more to the left? If you’re tired of spending hours searching for CSS code or hacks to make your site look exactly how you envision it, it may be time to make the switch. One thing I love about Showit is how customizable it is – you can literally drag and drop elements to anywhere you want on the page, easy peasy. We typically recommend finding a template that’s got most of the elements you want to get your site online even more quickly, but it’s very simple to adjust each element to fit your needs.

Number TWO: SEO Made Simple

If you’ve ever struggled with the mystery of how to boost your SEO, Showit has easy to use, built in SEO tools to make your life much easier. We’re talking text tags (most templates have these assigned, but it’s incredibly easy to update them as needed), page specific SEO settings, and website content SEO settings.

Number THREE: WordPress Blog Integration

Oh and did we mention they will migrate your current blog over for you? It honestly could not be easier to use the WordPress blog integration with Showit AND you can easily customize the look of your blog (including individual posts and pages) within the Showit platform. What’s not to love about being able to use the most powerful blogging platform with ease?

Number FOUR: Separate Mobile Design

Mobile website browsing comprises 56% of internet usage. So, I’d venture to guess you want a mobile site that looks just as good as your desktop. Showit makes it incredibly simple to update and make changes to the mobile site ONLY to allow for ease of use for over half of the traffic to your site. If an element that works on desktop isn’t right for your mobile site? Just hide it on mobile and adjust as needed, super simple.

Number 5: Tonic Site Templates

It’s no secret we are OBSESSED with Tonic Site Templates over here at Jen Madigan Creative. We’ve used their templates for our own site, as well as for the site for the photography side of our business for YEARS. We love these sites because you can use them as is (as we did for this business, and got our site up and running within a half of a day), or customize them to fit your unique branding and business style & needs. If you love their designs as much as we do, you can save 15% with the code “jenmadigan”.

If you’re interested in implementing a template onto your Showit site, we can help! Reach out via the contact form to get a pricing quote.

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