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4 Reasons Why Every Photographer Should Use Dubsado

Are you thinking of switching to Dubsado? Wondering how it could help your business? We’ve listed out our top four reasons we think all photographers should upgrade!

As assistants to wedding and family photographers, one of the most common requests we receive is to help create or streamline business systems and workflows. Each business is unique, and thus has its own unique requirements, but ideally every workflow is:

  • Efficient
  • Beautiful
  • Making You More Money!

There are many great photographers out there, but what often sets aparts the successful pros from the rest are the workflows and systems that they have in place. You wouldn’t run a lawn care company with a pair of scissors instead of a mower, would you? Sure, it can get the job done and is less of an investment up front, but what is it really costing you in extra time, effort, and the less than ideal client experience? You need the right tools to get the job done well! Which brings us to one of our favorite CRM tools for photographers: Dubsado.

Why We Love Dubsado: 


Dubsado has one of the best and most customizable workflow systems out there! Setting up a workflow personalized to your business means that emails get sent out exactly when you want them to be and not when you suddenly remembered that you were supposed to send that email… a week ago. A great workflow means never dropping the ball on existing clients or new inquiries. And when you no longer have to stress or think about every step in your client experience, you help free up your mental load as well! Workflows are also great for adding steps into your process that you have been wanting to add, but have lacked the time or tools to do so.


Tired of emailing back and forth to coordinate a session time and date or inquiry call? This can take several days and increases the chance of losing a sale. Send a scheduler instead! Dubsado’s schedulers connect to your personal calendar and automatically block out your unavailable times, allowing your clients to pick which date works best for you and them. Schedulers are able to trigger their own unique workflows to send personalized reminder emails, invoices, or contracts to clients without you ever having to push a button. Also, Dubsado connects to Quickbooks to help you keep your numbers organized and make tax season a little easier.

Client Experience

We’ve already touched base a little with the workflows and schedulers. A more efficient system for you, means a better experience for your clients! But with Dubsado you won’t just wow them with speedy responses and easy booking. You can also make beautiful and customizable forms, questionnaires, contracts, and proposals to match your branding. So please stop sending out those sad Word Docs or basic emails- girl, you can do better than that. If you want to raise your rates, start by upgrading your client experience. And the greater the experience your clients have with you, and the more likely they will be to rave about you to other potential future clients!

More Money In Your Pocket

Okay, money might not grow on trees, but there is always money left on the table when you are not upselling. Luckily, that money is no longer waiting for you to take the opportunity when you automate requesting the sale. Some of the most common upselling features you can schedule in a workflow:

  • Increase your album sales with beautiful album order forms sent out with or after the gallery delivery. 
  • Ask your couple if they would like to add on rehearsal dinner coverage a couple weeks before their wedding. 
  • A Happy Anniversary or birthday email sent one year out with a coupon gift to boost your print sales. 

How would you feel having these beautiful and efficient systems in place to work for you and help make you money? For July 18th-July 22nd only, snag Dubsado’s summer sale discount AND use our code jenmadigan for an extra 20% off the sale pricing! 

Want a hand from an experienced pro to set up personalized workflows and systems that work for you? Contact us HERE. We’d love to help!

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