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Start a Podcast in 5 Easy Steps!

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So you’re ready to start a podcast, but don’t know where to begin? Here are 5 tips to start a podcast without stress!

Number One: Decide on a Topic!

It seems pretty straightforward, but decide on a topic you’d like your podcast to (mostly) be about and then consider a name. Start a list of ideas and then do some searches to see if your name idea is already taken before committing. 

Number Two: Get a Mic

A microphone isn’t totally necessary to start, but if you really want one I would recommend the Blue Yeti and GarageBand or Zoom (it separates out the audio and you can pull it into your editing software) to record. If you use Zoom, you can also just use your computer microphone. I do NOT recommend using the microphone feature on a set of Apple headphones/AirPods as the audio tends to cut out and in general is not as clear.

Number Three: Batch Episodes!

If you, like most people, have a ton of stuff going on, record a bunch of episodes before you launch so you don’t have to record every week! This will save you time and keep you consistent when things get busy in your business and life.

Number Four: Editing Tips

If editing is holding you back – find someone to edit for you! My team offers podcast editing, or if you do a Google or Fiverr search you can find a lot of options for every budget. Want to try it yourself? Watch a quick Garage Band tutorial on YouTube (much easier than using Anchor for editing if you have a Mac, but it IS possible to edit within Anchor). 

Number Five: Select a RSS feed Host

Find a host for your RSS feed and get published! I use Anchor as my host – it’s free and super easy to use and they do most of the work connecting your podcast to all of the major platforms (Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts). If you have a Squarespace website, they also have an RSS feed available for podcasting.

Bonus Tip:

Use Canva to create podcast graphics, and Headliner for audiograms for stories and/or reels on Instagram!

Have any questions, or want to chat about podcast editing services? Send me a message!

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